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Hello, let's get acquainted! My name is Maria. I am Ukrainian, producer, filmmaker, living in Georgia since 2011. Together with my wonderful team of like-minded people I created the GULI brand.

Since childhood, I adored mineralogy, spent hours looking at books and trying to remember all gemstone names and even its chemical formulas. My grandmother, a geologist, a soil scientist, stimulated my interests very much. But professionally I started creating jewelry only in 2020, when the global lockdown changed our lifestyle and it became impossible to make films. Since then, my passion for jewelry has only grown!

Living far from my Homeland, a completely different sense of ethnicity came. There was a need to surround yourself with familiar things. This is how the unique style that I use when creating sets of jewelry began to be born, each of which is completely unique. In them I combine Ukrainian and Georgian traditions, changing forms and ornaments. I really enjoy "writing letters" to my clients. After all, when I choose a combination of gemstones, their number (well, how? I'm a mathematician), sequence and size, I always encrypt a message in them, which is very clear if I well know the future owner, because this is the magic of numbers. Usually I write about joy, happiness, peace and health, prosperity and good luck.

Our team is very concerned about the environment and ecology, we pay great attention to reasonable consumption, we like to give new life to things, so we often use antique and vintage details in our products. This allows you to create jewelry with a history, with meaning, jewelry that gives joy, amulets and talismans.

And of course, if we are talking about utility, most of our jewelry is a constructor that you can transform in any way you like. Necklaces easily turn into bracelets, long necklaces into multi-layer chokers or chains for glasses. Everything for your convenience and mood. And they are also perfectly combined with each other, because we, Ukrainians, are very fond of multi-layer jewelry, for a long time the number of threads testified to the status of the owner, served as a strong amulet, people believed in the protective power of such jewelry, carefully took care of them and passed them on by inheritance.

When people ask me why you do it, the only answer I can give is: I just can't not do it. Even the dashboard in my car and road signs inspire me to create new shapes and combinations.

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