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The tradition of wearing a necklace in Ukraine was formed many centuries ago, which means that the variety of this decorative item of clothing is extremely large. Throughout its history, the necklace has changed in color, shape, material and even the way it is worn. Our first ornaments were made of vegetable or fruit pits, grains, shells, seeds, and later they were replaced by gemstones, metal and glass beads. Even later, necklaces began to be made of expensive natural materials such as coral, amber, pearls, glass, enamel, pomegranate etc. Only wealthy bourgeois women could afford it.

The way of wearing necklaces also differed at different times. First of all, it should be noted that for a Ukrainian woman to go outside without a necklace is the same as going naked. Whether it is a holiday, or a church day, or an ordinary day at work - the neck of the hostess is decorated with a series of skillfully crafted beads. After all, it is, first of all, a protection, protection from evil spirits and bad people.

The necklace made it easy to determine a woman's social status. The poorest had 2-3 laces of coral, and the rich - 10 or 15.

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