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Hello, my name is Maria and I am creating the GULI brand together with my wonderful team of like-minded people. 
I began my work as a jewelry designer in 2020 quite unexpectedly. Since then, my passion for the craft has grown as I explore and evolve as an artist, something that challenges and motivates me every day!
All jewelry in our store is handmade by me only from natural gemstones, vintage and antique silver accessories, pendants etc. 
In them I combine my love and admiration for Ukraine and Georgia, my two Homelands.

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GULI brand has chosen as its mission to create amulet items with a unique history, combining Ukrainian, Georgian and world craft traditions. Each piece has a coded message to support its future owner.
Taking care of the environment - recycling materials and natural production.
These are our values and our philosophy. We hope you share them with us


9, Galaktion Tabidze str. Tbilisi 0105


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